Frequently Asked Questions


We get lots of questions, here are the most common ones.

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How much product should I send you?

We’ll calculate how much inventory is needed to launch. You’ll ship to us, we’ll prep for Amazon’s fulfillment centers. From that point on we’ll place small and frequent monthly orders with you as demand grows, keeping storage costs to a minimum.

Can you also handle my ebay and website sales?

No. We made a conscious choice to focus solely on Amazon. The changing landscape, means that to be an expert we need to be a master of this one platform but we have plenty of friends who can help - just ask for a referral.

What is brand registry and Can you help me get it?

Brand Registry is Amazon's way of helping you maintain control of the sales of your products and protect against knock offs and competitors. If you have a trademark for your own private brand of products we can help you establish Brand Registry. This will also help you maintain control of the coveted Buy Box and protect your brand on Amazon.

I sell my products to amazon already but want to increase sales, can you help?

Gladly. Many brands sell on Amazon and then realize that they need help with marketing to get the sales they are looking for. Using Seller Central and FBA fulfillment allows you more control over pricing and additional marketing and optimization that Amazon only provides for premium CPG brands.

DO YOU ALSO HELP SOURCE PRODUCTS from alibaba and china?

We do not handle the sourcing. We work with brands who have their own private label and CPG products to take the marketing and logistics completely off their plate. Most of our products are in the top 100 bestsellers of Amazon because we optimize daily which allows them time to source products and build their brand in other ways.

Who are your typical customers?

We work primarily with branded products from private sellers, to startups, to established CPG brands and across many verticals including office products, gourmet, grocery, pet, and home and kitchen.

I already ship to amazon, can you just help me with marketing?

Absolutely, schedule a consultation to tell us exactly what you are looking for and we'll gladly send you a custom quote.

Will Mindful goodS help us get ungated?

We are already ungated in many categories which is how we are able to get your products launched and selling in less than 30 days. If you want us to manage your account you will need to submit the proper paperwork to get ungated in your category and we highly recommend applying for brand registry, although we can help with that part.

DO you help with the backend search terms and listing creation?

Yes and yes. We use a combination of premium paid tools to gather the most current keyword data to create your listing.

DO you handle labelling?

Yes we offer prep&ship. You can send us product and package and label according to Amazon's standards. If we are reselling we simply mark up the product to cover this cost or bill you separately if you wish to use only our prep & ship services.

will you help with amazon advertising campaigns and management?

Yes. We run auto and manual campaigns and optimize over time. We work with your ad spend and charge a monthly fee for campaign management.

will you monitor daily for any customer messages?

We not only monitor daily but are proactive in getting any negative reviews removed on your behalf and are proactive to resolve any customer concerns.

What does it cost?

Our pricing is startup friendly for both emerging and growth stage brands. Book a consultation, we'll learn about your brand needs and create a custom plan for you.
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How do reviews work?

If you are like us and the majority, you make your purchasing decisions based on reviews. Amazon is very strict on policing and enforcing honest reviews. We'll share best practices with you and monitor and respond to negative reviews on your behalf. We also have our own in house customer service to handle any issues and make sure your customers are always happy.

How does the early reviewer program work?

At this point in time we have not seen evidence that this program gets reviews any faster than organic growth but we do enroll all approved skus to the program to help with reviews.

Does Amazon require a phone number for customer service? 

No, we provide a phone number to our team on your behalf and manage all customer support issues that are escalated beyond the standard FBA support. 

Do you utilize 1P or 3P?

We can manage 1P and 3P but recommend 3P to emerging and growth stage brands we work with. This allows for control of managing and optimizing your listings.  

For SEO, which companies that you utilize for that? 

We invest in the latest technology to gain access to Amazon data insights when building our optimized listings. We don't use just one tool we use many and are constantly testing new techniques.

Do you use Amazon Marketing Services or Seller Central Sponsored Ads?

We primarily use Seller Central Sponsored Ads which is being almost exactly the same offering as AMS. For advanced growth packages we can customize AMS PPC targeting.

Do we provide out own images or do you take provide images?

For Launch Packages we use your hi-res images and augment as needed for lifestyle and infographic graphics. If hi-res images are needed, please inquire about our contract partners that we use for product photography.

Do you take a percentage of saleS?

We offer a la carte services, commission based launch package and custom retainer based packages for emerging and growth stage brands. Typically, agencies will charge a minimum retainer of $5-10K p/mo to manage your Amazon listings. As entrepreneurs ourselves we know this is not realistic for emerging brands, so we offer a non traditional non-agency model with done for you services to help you stand out and grow sales over time. 

The way we make our model more affordable for emerging brands is that we take a commission instead of a monthly retainer.  We offer a starter Launch Package that allows you to get started with a one-time setup fee + commission as we go.  

For Growth stage brands we create a custom tailored package based on your needs. 

how much does Amazon take?

In general, Amazon typically takes third of the retail sale price. The remainder is product costs and profit minus expenses and management fees. If you opt-in to our Launch Package we typically pay Amazon their third, you one third, and we keep one third for management and marketing expenses. With this, we are essentially your Amazon wholesale partner.